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Keith Wright and Rob Stewart

“Keith Wright and Robert Stewart have been a staple in the Seattle music community for over 50 combined years. They both also make up 2/3 of the Seattle band FIASCO! 
“Keith Wright is a notorious guitar phenom that has a personal style that simply isn’t definable. He has been a sideman for over a dozen singer-songwriters, a member of several notable bands, a session guru, and a guitar instructor that celebrates a past and present clientele in the hundreds. He has recently taken on a new role as a solo guitarist in select venues in the Northwest to play songs he wants to play! Purely instrumental and unique covers are what you can expect at his new volley of local performances.
“Robert Stewart can be safely described as one of the most soulful singers Seattle has ever seen. With a pre-grunge background to the modern metro venues he has been an entity in Seattle and constantly redefines himself to suit his whimsy. An age-old Irish classic or a personal sonnet set to acoustic mastery is what you can expect. Robert Stewart is one of those performers you watch and look around and wonder why there aren’t hundreds of people packed into that lucky room. At times there ARE that many people watching this guy perform, so save the date! ~ DList