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Bridal Party (BC), Emma Lee Toyoda, Olivia White, Thank You

uhhhh excuse me december but i don't remember inviting you into my life!!!!! but nooooo by all means, please just come in and freeze off my toes, see if i care!!!

bc we have a bunch of WARM SOULS comin by on the 7th, and we are gonna all snuggle up with some HOTT jams and pretend we live on a beach planet!! it's gonna be cozy and fun and also great!!! EAT IT DECEMBER!!!!! look at these lil suns:

bridal party (Van BC) ~
impress these bridezillas with your slick moves and earn your right to holy matrimony

emma lee toyoda ~
EMO LEE TOYODA says they make sadgrrlrock/madgrrlrock but we all know that most of all they are radgrrlrock 😎

Olivia White ~
the micro-sonic splish splash of the light winter mist on yr raincoat

thank you ~
5 adorable game boiz in a game boi band! collect, evolve, and trade with yr friends!!!!

doors at 8 and show at 8:30!!! at 11:30 we are legally required to put all those under 21 out in the cold, so they can build character and understand the cruel realities of our planet!!! (we still luv u tho and have confidence in yr survival)

$6-10 suggested donation!! Not A. Flof <333333