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Lucee, Sour Girl, May Fields Grave, goawaysun

This one's a packed night so come a lil early and stay a lil late!
7PM event start, 7:30 music start.
$5-10 Donation for artists! NOTAFLOF.
All ages until 11PM.

Indie/blues/pop trio known for childish antics, evolving pop driven sound, substance experimentation, and explicit behavior.

Sour Girl
Once referred to as “the super depressing Regina Spektor of Seattle”, Sour Girl thoughtfully interweaves poignant narrative, clean electric voicing, and simple melodies in the vein of folk-rock singer-songwriters such as Elliott Smith and Sibylle Baier. Joined by Ian Webb.

May Fields Grave
Progressive and depressive tunes full of angst and awesomeness!

Electropop and art punk. To know her music is to throw aside the plastic and unwrap fresh sonic landscapes rich with lush synths, shattering rhythms and communicative ambiance. Hers is a new world. goawaysun is a multi-talented composer with inspiration drawn from italo disco, Riot Grrrl and vaporwave, her music is wry and sardonic, deep and numinous.

Your Imaginary Friend's'
...have been busy since you've grown up. Using music as a means to explore this longing to connect with itself and others now that they have found themselves alone together. Initially an Indie Rock noggin', with ambient appendages, experimental eyes and ears, and a grungy twist in its intestines.

Later Event: July 14
Racer Sessions