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Beer and Puppet Theater: a puppet slam!

Cafe Racer and Jawbone Puppet Theater present:
Beer and Puppet Theater: a puppet slam!

Don’t miss the summer edition of our fun-filled night of short form adult and experimental puppetry!
Friday, July 26, two shows at 7pm & 10pm, at Cafe Racer, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle.
Featuring performances by some of Seattle and Vashon Island’s best puppeteers and idiots! And as a special treat, this time we bring you loads of Puerto Ricans!

The early show at 7pm is a little cleaner, and will include the long anticipated show “Stink Guy and Robot” written & directed by Tiny, our resident 3-year-old!

The late show at 9pm is a little dirtier, and includes the controversial, and kind of fucked up story about “the father of modern gynecology.”

Tickets at the door $8 (no one turned away for lack of funds!)

To learn more about puppet slams, check out
It’s the height of summer! Enjoy a beer! Enjoy the show!

Our puppet slam series give local and visiting artists and puppeteers a chance to fearlessly experiment, have fun, collaborate, and face the challenge of creating new work on a regular basis. The goal is to both create community and collaborative opportunity for artists, and to treat local audiences to fun, new, experimental, and thought provoking performance art, created and presented locally.

If you would like to join us, visit the Jawbone Puppet Studio on Vashon Island, or present or collaborate on a show at a future slam, please contact Adam Ende, founder and janitor of Jawbone Puppet Theater, at 347-455-5558.

Stay tuned for the next installment at the end of October.

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