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Drinks, Drawing & DJs - Exquisite Corpse Night #7 at Cafe Racer

Pre-Halloween edition and the last one for 2018!! We'll be on holiday for Nov and Dec, so don't miss out - we'll be spinning an extra special & spooky set of tunes to spark your imagination.

Your DJ hosts: Marvelette and The Ohmu. As always, playing the drawing game is optional. Kids are welcome too (just not in the bar area). 

“Exquisite Corpse” - A drawing game invented by the surrealists and other artists who congregated in Parisian cafes in the early decades of the 20th century. Very easy to do, yet you can be as creative and elaborate (or simple) as you wish (and you absolutely don’t need to be an artist to play). Three to five players per sheet of paper – with friends or strangers – or just enjoy looking on as others draw. 

Café Racer serves food til 10 pm on Thursdays and drinks til 11:30 pm..

Paper and pens provided, but feel free to bring your own art supplies.